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Taste the exquisiteness of our simple Mediterranean cuisine, the best meat or vegetables on grill.

From this idyllic setting you can feel the most intimate harmony of a Majorcan manor house, its inner courtyard, from 1508. Its natural stone floor and its gardens, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


La Finca


On the island of Mallorca we find a typical Mallorcan village, Calonge where you can find one of the best restaurants with grill.

A restaurant with his own parking and overlooking the sea.


El Restaurante

Cas Senyor has got a restaurant inside for the cold or rainy days, with a beautiful seaview.

Capacity till 45 persons

El Patio

The interior courtyard with an elegant atmosphere keeping the same Mallorquin style, It is ideal for the development of an intimate event or a romantic dinner.

Capacity  70 persons

El Jardín - The Garden

Magnificent and large garden space with sea views to develop all kinds of events for large groups.

Capacity 300 persons

La Finca

The interior of the property, offer two spaces adapted for the realization of events and meetings or as a disco after 0.00h.


  Capacity 80 people

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